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Grimes knows Freight Brokerage. When you need to find fast and reliable transportation for your FTL & LTL freight and time is running short, you can always count on Grimes Supply Chain Services (GSCS). As one of the Grimes Companies, GSCS is backed by over 40 years of experience and expertise in the logistics, trucking and transportation industry. Whether you need truck, rail, ocean or air shipping, we will make sure your freight is taken care of. Our truck & freight brokers have carefully configured a nationwide network of FTL & LTL carriers to handle all of your freight shipping needs at competitive rates. With GSCS, your freight will arrive safe and on-time. We actually guarantee it. Grimes Supply Chain Services utilizes load tracking software on EVERY SHIPMENT. Read more more about shipment tracking and how GSCS provides total shipment visibility.


National Transportation Shipping Experts.

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FTL or LTL? Truck, Rail, Ocean or Air? Heavy Haul? Expedited? Specialized equipment? There's no question about it, freight shipping can get confusing. If put into the hands of an inexperienced freight broker, even a small error may result in lost time and money, causing your freight to get lost or arrive late at its destination. Whether you are a manufacturer, supplier, or distributor, GSCS will provide your team with the highest levels of service and attention.

The Highest Quality Service, Every Mile of the Way

At GSCS, our team of experienced transportation specialists knows the best truck or the best carrier to transport your specific shipment. We diligently track and trace all of our freight, making sure your shipment stays on schedule.

Grimes Supply Chain Services utilizes load tracking software on EVERY SHIPMENT. Total shipment visibility – That’s what we deliver. Read more more about shipment tracking here and how we ensure you'll always know where your shipment is at all times. If you want your next freight shipment to arrive safe and on-time, contact GSCS now to schedule your next shipment!


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Founded in 1972, The Grimes Companies offer expertise in all areas of supply chain management and 3rd party logistics. If you need award-winning trucking, warehousing, packaging and/or staffing services, contact us first to learn more about our rates, services and what we can offer you as one of the best third party logistics companies in the Southeast United States.

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Award-winning trucking company with terminals in Atlanta, GA & Jacksonville, FL. We are your Southeast carrier.

Warehouse & Warehousing Services in Jacksonville, FL


Food grade 3PL warehouses conveniently located in Jacksonville, FL near Jaxport & I-95.

Supply Chain Services


Florida co-packing company & contract packaging services in a food grade warehouse facility.

Logistics & Warehouse Staffing Agency Services


Powering your supply chain with skilled warehouse employees trained and vetted by our staffing division.


The Grimes Companies: Fastest Growing Companies in Florida

We were founded in 1972, but Grimes is still one of the top ranked companies in North Florida! The Grimes Companies have been recognized as one of the 50 Fastest Growing Companies in North Florida 6 times since 2007. We were most recently honored in 2016.